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NeoWPS is a bundle of applications from eCo software that enhance the look, feel, and usability of your ArcaOS, OS/2, or eComStation Desktop.

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NeoWPSNeoWPS is a bundle of applications from eCo software to enhance your ArcaOS, OS/2, or eComStation Desktop. You get a license for all products and access to 12 months of updates. The NeoWPS bundle includes the following products:

  1. The Family Pack allows you to install and use one copy of the software on up to a maximum of five (5) ArcaOS, OS/2, and eComStation computers (in any combination) at a time as long as those computers are located in the same household and used by persons who occupy that household. By “household” we mean a person or persons who share the same housing unit such as a home, apartment, mobile home, or condominium, including students who are primary residents of that household but reside at a separate on-campus location. This license does not extend to business or commercial users.
  2. You will receive the activation keys by email from eCo Software usually within 72 hours after your payment is received.
  3. Sponsor units do not entitle you to license keys, it is only to support the developer.
  4. Discount Commercial licenses:
  • 5-9 licenses        : 12% discount
  • 10-24 licenses    : 24% discount
  • 25-99 licenses    : 36% discount
  • 100-499 licenses: 52% discount