OS/2 VOICE browser sponsorship



The Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation is looking to collect 10.000 dollars to support the development of a new web browser for OS/2.  The upcoming Firefox browser version 52 on OS/2 will be supported for another 2 years. However we need to collect funding today to start development of new browser.

Please visit the following websites for more details.

A new browser will be based on:

1. Pale Moon, which is based on older version of Firefox (version 24).

2. A Q.T. based browser based on Q.T. version 5.5/5.9.

This campaign is started on the 11th of October 2017.

All the money collected will be send by Arca Noae to the Dutch OS/2 VOICE foundation for the browser sponsor campaign as described on the VOICE website.