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Warpstock Europe 2015 entrance fee.

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The 14th Warpstock Europe Conference will be held June 6 and 7, 2015, in Munich, Germany, at the A&O Hostel München Laim. The event is partially sponsored by Arca Noae LLC and hosted by the Dutch OS/2 VOICE Foundation.

Warpstock Europe 2015 Access includes coffee and tea during the day, however sleeping accommodation is not included. If you wish to have lunch at the hostel, please purchase your Warpstock Europe 2015 Access with lunch reservation. This reseveration for your lunch will be paid to the Hostel. Is is not possible to pay for lunch during the event.

More information about Warpstock Europe 2015 and the event location may be found on the Warpstock Europe website.

Please pay with credit card or by PayPal only, as bank (wire) transfers are very costly to process. You must purchase your Warpstock Europe 2015 Access online (until Monday, June1). It will not be possible to purchase a ticket at the conference itself.