Installing ArcaOS to an NVMe device

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(Note: ArcaOS 5.1 will include NVME support by default. These directions are specific to adding NVME to the ArcaOS 5.0.6 installation medium as an unlisted driver. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS ON VERSIONS OF ArcaOS INSTALLATION MEDIA PRIOR TO 5.0.6.)

To install ArcaOS 5.0.6 to an NVMe device:

  1. Start with the ArcaOS 5.0.6 GA as a base (IMPORTANT!). If you don’t have the latest ISO handy, and you have a valid Support & Maintenance subscription, log into your customer portal and request one.
  2. Create a USB installation stick.
  3. Copy the latest NVME.ADD to the root of the stick. (If you don’t have access to the file from an existing ArcaOS system, see additional directions in the notes, below.)
  4. Boot the target system from the stick, and access the preboot menu.
  5. Advance to the Devices page.
  6. Select Use other driver from diskette (enter below) for the first storage driver.
  7. Select AHCI for the second storage driver.
  8. Select Dani (if necessary) for the third storage driver (or leave blank).
  9. Specify NVME (without extension) for the driver name on the page.
  10. Advance to the Boot Options page.
  11. Select the box to Edit CONFIG.SYS, and press F10.
  12. In the CONFIG.SYS editor, search for ACPI.PSD, and ensure that the line does not include the /VW option. If it does, remove this option.
  13. Search for NVME and ensure that:

    is listed first, above the OS2AHCI.ADD line.

  14. Search again for NVME and ensure that:

    is listed.

  15. Press <Esc> and respond <y> to save changes (if any) and continue booting into the installer.
  16. Advance to the Installation Type page, and select the installation type.
  17. Advance to the Volumes page.
  18. The Disk Utility may detect that the NVMe device needs to be prepared for ArcaOS. Follow the prompts as provided, and if changes are required, allow the system to reboot, repeat steps 4-17, and proceed with step 19.
  19. Click the Manage Volumes button to create at least one partition on the NVMe device, then return to the Volumes page.
  20. Select target volume(s) as usual, and proceed as usual to the Confirmation page.
  21. After confirming the installation choices, advance to the Copying files page.
  22. Uncheck Reboot automatically, and allow the file copy to complete.
  23. Click the System Management button.
  24. From the System management menu, select File | Text editor.
  25. In the editor, select File | Open… and browse to the target system volume.
  26. Select CONFIG.SYS and click Open.
  27. Search for ACPI.PSD, and ensure that the line does not include the /VW option. If it does, remove this option.
  28. Search for NVME and ensure that:

    is listed above


    (If the NVME line is not present, add it.)

  29. Save the file and exit the editor.
  30. From the System Management menu, select ArcaOS | Shut Down, and once shutdown is complete, press <Ctrl-Alt-Del> to reboot into phase 2 of the install and allow the process to continue, rebooting automatically into phase 3.
  31. Once installation is complete, install the full NVME WPI on the system.


It is also possible to do this with a floppy disk if installing from DVD; see here for directions on adding an unlisted driver to a floppy disk.

To extract the NVME driver from a non-OS/2 system:

  1. Create the installation USB stick as usual.
  2. Remove (eject) and reinsert the stick. Mount it, if necessary.
  3. Log into your Arca Noae account and access your ArcaOS order details.
  4. In the Associated Downloads section of the page, locate the NVME package and download it, saving the WPI to the root of the ArcaOS installation stick, with an 8.3 FAT-compatible filename (e.g., NVME.WPI).
  5. Boot into the installer.
  6. On the first page, click the System Management button.
  7. On the System Management menu, go to Command Prompts and select Command Line (CMD) or Command Line (4OS2).
  8. At the prompt, change to the root of the ArcaOS installation stick, e.g., J: (you may determine what drive letter the stick is using by selecting Disk | Manage Volumes (Graphical) and selecting the installation USB stick).
  9. Extract the first pack from the NVME WPI, e.g.:
    [J:] wic NVME-1.01.WPI -x 1

    (wic is case-sensitive; be sure to use a lower case “x”)

  10. Reboot the system from the installation media and proceed as directed above to add the NVME driver in the preboot menu.

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