Bridge2 – Hi (Hi is the abbreviation of Hanzi Input) is an Input-Method software for Chinese characters. 'Hanzi' is the written pronunciation of Hanzi – which means Chinese character. You can use Bridge2-Hi to input Hanzi into any PM application running on the OS/2 – Blue Lion platform.

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Why should you use Bridge2-Hi ?

  • Browse Chinese web pages with Firefox, search and find information you want in the Chinese world and language;
  • Handle Chinese email in Thunderbird;
  • Use NVU or BlueGriffon to edit & publish Chinese web pages;
  • Use Open Office Writer to write text in the Chinese language;
  • Use Open Office Calculate to create data sheets in Chinese;
  • Use Open Office Impress to create Chinese presentations;
  • Use Open Office Draw to annotate drawings in Chinese;
  • Create posters and brochures in Chinese using Maul Publisher;
  • Use it in Emblish, Photo->Graphics or JPhotoGraph to produce colorful pictures with Chinese characters;

In fact you can use any Hanzi in any software application that supports DBCS languages.

You can download a version from the author at

Bridge2-Hi is shareware, written in Pascal and compiled with Virtual Pascal and WDSibyl.