Products & Services

Arca Noae products

  • ArcaOS, our flagship x86 operating system, based on OS/2 Warp 4.52 (available today)
  • Drivers and software annual subscription package for OS/2 and eCS
  • Third-party-developed drivers and software
  • Available through our online store

Arca Noae services

  • Develop and maintain device drivers for OS/2 and eCS
  • Repackaging of new and existing available OS/2 software for alternative package managers (YUM/RPM)
  • Consult (either directly or through our network of strategic partners) on OS/2 deployment, maintenance, and upgrade strategies
  • Help protect customer investment in OS/2
  • Help keep OS/2 secure
  • Maintain existing OS/2 applications
  • Maintain, upgrade, or migrate to ArcaOS existing OS/2 or eCS installations, whether virtualized or on bare metal (real hardware)
  • Gateway to sponsoring OS/2-focused non-profit and volunteer efforts (100% of contributions made through our online store are passed through; Arca Noae absorbs all transaction and transfer costs)