ArcaOS Commentary

Here’s what others are saying about ArcaOS:

I really love ArcaOS. Great job!

Simply amazing.

Best OS/2 experience I’ve ever had.

…a masterpiece.

As a Fortune 500 company, we rely on our critical systems 24/7. OS/2 became part of that infrastructure almost two decades ago. We were concerned about the long term sustainability of the platform…until ArcaOS was released. Our confidence has been restored in our OS/2 systems (now ArcaOS) and we have found our team in Arca Noae’s skilled engineers. Bravo!

…couldn’t believe my eyes…

I was stunned that a 32-bit OS could perform like that on today’s hardware.

Absolutely incredible.

To think that a few short months ago, we were looking at options to convert our entire factory to another platform. No more. ArcaOS is here to stay.

I don’t know how you managed to do this. Marvelous!

IBM should have contracted with you folks in the first place!

I thought I was stuck with Windows…until I came home to ArcaOS. Thank you!

The most significant work on this platform in over a decade.