Resellers & Partners

Arca Noae works closely with the OS/2 community, including enterprise and individual users, developers, IT consultants, and resellers. Here are some of our associates. Check this page often for updates and additions.

The following sales & service offerings are listed next to each partner’s link, below:

Virtual (orders only, whether online webstore, via email, phone, or in-person)
Media (physical media kits, e.g., DVD, USB)
Preloads (systems preloaded with ArcaOS)
Integration (specialized control stations utilizing ArcaOS)
Support & consulting (onsite or remote ArcaOS support services for installation, problem resolution, architecting)



North America:

Latin America:



Australia/New Zealand:

More information:

In addition to reselling Arca Noae products, many of our partners also contribute to the development of ArcaOS and/or provide consultancy services.


AVENTER ist spezialisiert auf die Beratung, den Aufbau, Betrieb und der Entwicklung von Microservice Umgebungen und der Systemadministration von auf Linux, OS/2 und DOS basierenden Systemen.

AVENTER specializes in the consulting, operation, and development of microservice environments and the system administration of Linux, OS/2, and DOS-based systems.


Neil Waldhauer, as Blonde Guy, has specialized in OS/2 and eComStation computer operating systems since 1990. His priority is delivering substantial value to his clients, on-time and on-budget. He understands the pressures involved in complex software development projects, and will work with you to achieve timely and cost-effective solutions. Blonde Guy is also an ArcaOS reseller.


bww bitwise works GmbH from Austria sells multi-platform firewall software, but is also widely known and respected in the community for developing and porting software to OS/2. Some of bww bitwise works’ projects include:

  • ODIN library to run Windows applications on OS/2
  • Firefox for OS/2
  • QT libraries
  • Java for OS/2
  • GCC libraries

Cazmont Computers

Cazmont Computers serving the Illawarra and NSW Regions for over 30 Years. We supply quality equipment — Servers, PC’s, and Backup solutions — for your network and all cabling for networks from construction to completion.

Windows, Linux and OS2

CS Hard- & Software Consulting GmbH

Die CS CompuSaar GmbH betreut seine Kunden seit über 20 Jahren ganzheitlich getreu dem Motto „alles aus einer Hand“. Wir kümmern uns um PCs, Server und Netzwerk genau wie um die Datensicherung, AntiVirus, Firewall und Individuallösungen und bieten unseren Kunden maßgeschneiderte Servicepakete.


eCo software from Russia has been developing a wide variety of OS/2 software products to enhance the OS/2 user interface. eCo also develops device drivers and modern applications for the OS/2 operating system. Arca Noae is a reseller of the full range of eCo software products.

Fox Computer & Networking, Inc

Fox Computer & Networking, Inc is located in Waupun, WI. More information coming soon.


FSYS software was founded in 2001 by Jan van Wijk. FSYS develops filesystem-related products and offers fee-based consultancy for data recovery and rollout projects as well as software engineering and troubleshooting at the system level.


HanMeSoft Corp. is a Korean software development and distribution company about OS/2 and ArcaOS.


Kacer: Arca Noae distributor for the Czech Republic, small independent software vendor, specializing in custom Java application


LesTec from Australia started developing ArcaOS, OS/2 and windows software tools in 1990 and won the IBM trophy for Modular And Integrated Design for OS/2 (MAID). LesTec provides software consultancy services for software development including automation tools and continuous integration. Arca Noae is a reseller of MAID and the LesTecIO REXX library.

netlabs from Switzerland is one of the oldest and largest organizations devoted to open source software development, founded more than 10 years ago. It hosts a wide variety of open source projects for OS/2. Arca Noae sells sponsoring units for, of which 100% of the net proceeds go to, a nonprofit organization.


Rosenthal & Rosenthal, LLC is an accounting and systems integration firm with offices in Leesburg, Virginia and Dix Hills, New York, USA. Rosenthal & Rosenthal provides expert consulting in OS/2, Novell technologies, and Sophos UTM (formerly Astaro Security Gateway) software and appliances. The Company is a member of Arca Noae LLC, and serves as the accounting firm of record for Arca Noae.

Targetware Informática Ltda.

With offices in Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia servicing clients all over Latin America, Tecnologia e Consultoria Ltda. (Targetware) is recognized as the main source of software products for educational entities, the governmental sector, and the corporate market. Their customers can depend on special consideration for all market segments, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

Their mission is to serve all types of customers, offering every type of software they need in a unique shopping experience.Instead of offering services like implementation, consulting, etc., they have a small IT team that provides their clients with first-level support and, when needed, help to get them connected to the manufacturer’s support team.


VOICE is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the ArcaOS, OS/2 and eComStation operating systems, the education of their users, improving the communication between the creators of the operating systems, ISVs, developers, consultants, and consumers as well as representing the community of users to the public. Arca Noae offers sponsoring units for VOICE, of which 100% of the net proceeds go to the organization.