Information and Bug Reports

There is additional information for many of the Arca Noae products in the individual product support pages.  Please consult these pages to see if the information there can resolve your problem before you open a support ticket.

The main wiki directory may be more up-to-date than this page.


Arca Noae Package Manager

If you cannot resolve your issue with the information in any of the above pages, then please see the Reporting Problems page for information about opening a support ticket. Here are some other pages with help:

Information requests

If you are are interested in learning about Arca Noae’s products, have a pre-sales question or just need some general information, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also many answers to commonly asked questions in our FAQ. We have compiled information from our customer feedback, as well as items we discover during software development, and we provide them here for your quick access.