Experimental Builds

Software we think might be useful but isn’t ready for a GA release yet.


Uniaud32 has been updated to current ALSA levels. It works much better on some systems, but has introduced problems on other systems. These problems will need to be resolved before it is ready for a GA release. A test build is available here which you can try and use if you like. This software will probably work just fine, but beware that it has not been through our QA process, it is not GA quality, and it is not supported.

The following links contain the current Uniaud16 v1.09.07 which is unchanged from the official GA Uniaud package, and the updated test build of Uniaud32 v3.01.01. Future test builds of Uniaud32 may be the same version number but will have a later build date and a higher SVN revision. Use the bldlevel command to identify exactly which driver you have.



Download the self-extracting WarpIN package from the link, above, and execute to install.

Known Problems

  • Attempting to play more than one audio stream at the same time may cause the driver to stop working.
  • Sound does not work after a warm boot on a ThinkPad T60.
  • Various systems have missing mixer controls.


Paul Smedley (ALSA ports)
David Azarewicz