For Developers

The packages on this page are provided as a courtesy to all OS/2 users. Arca Noae does not provide support for this software.

Required for most eCo Software applications, the eCo Software Runtime Packages are distributed separately and updated individually, as needs arise. For developers wishing to utilize the features provided by the eCo Software Runtime, full documentation, headers, and sample code is provided in an easily installed and up-to-date Toolkit package.


Toolkitupdated: 2022-04-13what’s


eCo Software Runtime.


Download the Toolkit packages, and install using WarpIN. If prompted during installation, select [*] Overwrite All,   [*] Unlock All to overwrite the existing Toolkit components. You may be prompted to reboot following the installation.


You may use the eCo Software Runtime Toolkit to develop commercial and free applications free of charge.

It is recommended to include in the documentation for the developed application(s): “This program uses the eCo Software Runtime” in the following locations:

  • readme -> Contacts section
  • product website -> Contacts section
  • program release announcement -> at the end (in the footer)


This software is provided “as is” without any warranty of any kind.


Support for the eCo Software Runtime Toolkit is provided by eCo Software, in their support forum.