VFAT Plugin for NetDrive


NetDrive plugin for local VFAT volumes. Requires NetDrive.


The VFAT plugin for NetDrive mounts a local Microsoft Windows VFAT volume to the NetDrive file system.

Restrictions of this version of the VFAT plugin:

  • OS/2 extended attributes (EA) are not supported. It is not recommended to use this plugin for volumes with existing EAs.
  • Slower throughput than the OS/2 native FAT file system driver.
  • Only one VFAT resource per mount point.
  • VFAT filename characters, not available to the current codepage, may be corrupted while copying or moving the file.

Limitations of the demo version:

  • Does not support creation of new files on a VFAT volume (SYS0050 is returned when attempted).

Download the demo version here.


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