NetDrive for OS/2


Virtual filesystem driver for ArcaOS, OS/2 and eComStation. Map local and remote resources to drive letters and/or directories.

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NetDrive for OS/2 is a virtual file system which allows seamless access to various resources. It allows the user to create a virtual drive letter and to mount local or remote resources (volumes) to that drive. The current version of NetDrive for OS/2 supports local, network, and FTP sources and can use external plugins for different types of resources.


  • Ability to map all network resources which otherwise would be mapped to a number of different drive letters (via multiple “net use” commands) to a single drive letter, appearing as regular directories.
  • Ability to mount almost any FTP server/directory as a “regular” directory. Use a preferred file manager to browse content on the FTP server, download files to local disks/directories, upload files, and even rename and edit remote files. (FTP plugin is included.)
  • Ability to stream audio and/or video files directly from a remote server using a preferred player.

Version 3 Enhancements

  • Support for files greater than 2 gigabytes on local and FTP resources as well as a new external plugin interface for large files.
  • Redesigned Control Panel includes convenient user interface, updated online help, and user’s guide.
  • Virtual volumes configuration is automatically saved and restored on system restart.
  • Improved performance overall.


Fully-functional demo (free for unlimited use with the Samba plugin alone), which also serves as an upgrade from any previous 3.x version, may be downloaded here:


System Requirements

  • ArcaOS 5, OS/2 Warp 4 FP13, OS/2 Warp Server for e-business 4.5, eComStation
  • TCP/IP for remote resources

Plugins (available separately)

  • Samba (SMB/CIFS) – Connect to modern NAS, Linux, and Windows shares
  • DropBox – Access DropBox cloud storage
  • ISO – Map CD and DVD image files to drive letters
  • WebDAV – Connect to DAV shares
  • Crypt – Encrypt/decrypt local and remote volumes
  • NFS v3 – Connect to NFS 2 & 3 shares
  • NFS v2 – Connect to NFS 2 shares
  • VFAT – Access local long filename FAT volumes
  • NTFS – Access local NTFS volumes
  • SFTP – Secure (encrypted) FTP access
  • UDF – Read/write access to DVD media (replaces UDF.IFS)
  • LQ – Directory based quota management
  • HPC – HP PhotoSmart C200 data access
  • Psion – Psion PDA data access


NetDrive 3.1.6 for OS/2(R)
Installation README

7 May 2017
Release Version

This document contains important information on installing
NetDrive for OS/2.

Please read ‘Hardware and Software Requirements’ and
‘Installation Instructions’ before installing.

Registered customers please read paragraph 5.2


1.0 What is NetDrive for OS/2?
2.0 Hardware and Software Requirements
3.0 Installation Instructions
3.1 Installation Program
3.2 Manual Installation
3.3 Manual Upgrade
4.0 Contact Information
5.0 Notices
5.1 Shareware Notice
5.2 Information for registered customers
5.3 Safety Notice
6.0 License Agreement

1.0 What is NetDrive for OS/2?

NetDrive for OS/2 allows you to access various resources, such as a
ftp site, a local directory or a network resource, via a regular drive

NetDrive for OS/2 supports external plugins for different types of

The version 3.x of NetDrive for OS/2 supports large files (greater
than 2 gigabytes), has performance improvements and enhanced user

The new version requires a recent version of OS/2 because of
large files support. If you need to use NetDrive for OS/2 on
a system that does not support large files, then please use
a 2.x version of NetDrive for OS/2.

2.0 Hardware and Software Requirements

To install and use NetDrive for OS/2, your workstation needs at least:

o A 486 microprocessor

o 32 MB of RAM

o 600 KB free hard disk space

o A connection to the Internet (modem, ISDN, or LAN) for FTP feature

NetDrive for OS/2 works with the following operating system versions:

o OS/2 Warp 4 FixPack 13

o OS/2 Warp Server for e-business

o OS/2 Warp 4 Convenience Package (MCP)

o OS/2 Warp Server for e-business Convenience Package (ACP)

o eComStation

NOTE: earlier operating system versions will not be able to load
the file system driver (NDFS32.IFS). For these versions please use
NetDrive for OS/2 2.x.

3.0 Installation Instructions

NOTE: If you have NetDrive for OS/2 already installed, then please save
your virtual volumes configuration before installing the new version.
You can reload saved configuration after installation.

3.1 Installation Program
Change to the directory which you have unpacked to.

Run the ndinst.exe file to install NetDrive for OS/2. Please follow the
instructions on the screen.

The installation program will find a previous installation of NetDrive
for OS/2 and you can update the old version. The old configuration
will be migrated.

The installation program will unpack NetDrive for OS/2 files to
the specified directory, edit CONFIG.SYS PATH and LIBPATH statements
and add statements to load file system driver (NDFS32.IFS) and
the control program (NDCTL.EXE). A backup copy of CONFIG.SYS
will be saved as CONFIG.ND.

3.2 Manual Installation
a) Create a directory where NetDrive for OS/2 will be installed
(e.g. C:\NDFS):

mkdir C:\NDFS

b) Copy the package file ndfs.@ to the directory:

copy ndfs.@ C:\NDFS

c) Change to the directory:

cd C:\NDFS

d) Unpack NetDrive files:

unpack2 ndfs.@ /C

e) Delete the package file from the directory:

del ndfs.@

f) Add the following lines to the CONFIG.SYS:


Add C:\NDFS to LIBPATH and SET PATH statements.

g) Reboot the system to apply these CONFIG.SYS changes.

NetDrive for OS/2 can be used now.

3.3 Manual Upgrade
If you have a version of NetDrive for OS/2 installed then
in order to install new version you have to proceed with the
following steps:

a) Remove the following line from CONFIG.SYS:


REM out the following lines in CONFIG.SYS:


Now these lines must look as follows:


Please note that you’ll not find NDFS32.IFS, if
NetDrive for OS/2 version you have already installed,
is older than 3.0.

b) Reboot the system

c) Replace old NetDrive’s files with new ones, as described
in section 3.2 steps b) to e).

d) Restore lines in config.sys:


Please note that if you have not found NDFS32.IFS line
on step a), then add the line to CONFIG.SYS:


e) Reboot the system

4.0 Contact Information

e-mail: netdrive at bmtmicro dot com

5.0 Notices

5.1 Shareware Notice
NetDrive for OS/2 is a shareware program, which means that you try
the product before you buy it.

You may use NetDrive for OS/2 for a 1 month trial period which begins
the day of installation. Please read License Agreement for details.

When the evaluation period will end, NetDrive for OS/2 will not allow to
write to resources.

NetDrive for OS/2 registration will give you an unique registration key
and some instructions on how to use it. The key will enable write access
to resources and is a proof that you are a registered customer.

For registration information, please refer to the on-line documentation

Please support the try-before-buy concept by ordering this software.

5.2 Information for registered customers
NetDrive for OS/2 version 3.0, including the FTP plugin, is a free upgrade
for registered customers who purchased version 2.2.2 released in September

For registered customers with earlier versions there is a $7.00 upgrade fee.

If you have version 2.2.2 and wish to upgrade to version 3.0 contact us via
email at orders at bmtmicro dot com and supply your NetDrive for OS/2 serial
number and the name that NetDrive for OS/2 was registered in. Please note
that your old serial number will no longer work with version 3.0 or higher.

When you install NetDrive for OS/2 version 3.0 it will work in evaluation
mode for 1 month. Please note that during the evaluation period NetDrive for
OS/2 will have full functionality.

5.3 Safety Notice
Safe computing means backing up all data before installing any program,
including this one. Be sensible and take a few precautions and you might
save yourself from potential problems.

6.0 License agreement

The use of NetDrive for OS/2 is subject to the following terms and

If you have not registered NetDrive for OS/2 yet, the copy of
NetDrive for OS/2 that you have is distributed as shareware.
You may use it for a 1 month trial period, as long as you agree
to the provisions of this license agreement.

Trial period

During the 1 month trial period, which begins the day of
installation, you can use NetDrive for OS/2 without any
limitations. You can purchase NetDrive for OS/2 and
so register it at anytime during the period.

End of trial period

At the end of trial period you have either purchase
NetDrive for OS/2 or uninstall it from your system.
If you continue to use NetDrive for OS/2 beyond
the 1 month trial period, you are obligated to register it.
If for any reason you find that NetDrive for OS/2
is not right for you, just uninstall the program.

Registered version

When you register NetDrive for OS/2, you will convert it to
the full, non-shareware, registered version. You may NOT
distribute the registered version.
You may copy it onto a computer to be used and you may make
archival copies of it for the sole purpose of backing up the
software and protecting your investment from loss.

You may threat your registered version just like a book.
This means that the registered version may be used by any number
of people, and may be freely moved from one computer location
to another, so long as there is NO POSSIBILITY of it being used
at one location or on one computer while it is being used
at another.

Just like a book cannot be read by two different people in two
different places at one time, neither can the registered version
of NetDrive for OS/2 be used by two different people in two
different places at the same time (unless, of course,
the license is being violated).

Using free plugins

Some of third party NetDrive for OS/2 plugins are free of charge.
Use of these plugins does not imply free use of NetDrive for OS/2
itself. Free plugins may be used either with registered version
of NetDrive for OS/2 or with unregistered version during the
Trial period.

NetDrive for OS/2 can be thought of as an operating system
which runs plugins-applications. For example, there are a lot
of nice free software for OS/2 but one still need an OS/2 license
to use OS/2 with these applications.


BMT Micro, Inc. does not warrant that
NetDrive for OS/2 will meet your requirements, that operation
of NetDrive for OS/2 will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that all
NetDrive for OS/2 errors will be corrected. The aforementioned parties
are not responsible for problems caused by changes in the operating
characteristics of computer hardware or computer operating systems
that are made after the release of NetDrive for OS/2 nor for problems
in the interaction of NetDrive for OS/2 with other software.
The aforementioned parties have no responsibility to replace
or refund the fee of and media or license damaged by accident,
abuse or misapplication.



N e t D r i v e f o r O S / 2



—- ———————————————————————
—- ———————————————————————
7 May 2017 NetDrive 3.1.6
—- ———————————————————————
CHG Implemented START, STOP and DRIVES commands for nd.exe utility
CHG Added NetDrive for OS/2 Exclusive Samba Use License (ndsamba.txt)
CHG Added PluginPath and PluginLoadPolicy to ndctl.cfg
CHG If NetDrive is already installed and ndctl.exe is started from
tcpip\bin\b4tcp.cmd, the installer will keep this configuration
CHG Added timestamps to logs
CHG Added LogDir configuration value to ndctl.cfg
FIX Rare hang triggered by certain usage of ND_IOCTL_QUERYMOUNTINFOSHORT
FIX FTP resource dialog incorrectly displayed some server types
—- ———————————————————————
15 July 2016 NetDrive 3.1.5
—- ———————————————————————
CHG Support for control requests for plugins (used by SFTP plugin)
CHG Updated link:
CHG If NetDrive is already installed and ndctl.exe is started from
startup.cmd, the installer will keep this configuration
FIX Possible crash when plugin accesses resource properties at unmount
FIX Slower read/write performance if application uses 65536 bytes buffer
for DosRead and DosWrite
FIX Keep order of directory listing on FTP resources, it was backwards
—- ———————————————————————
6 August 2011 NetDrive 3.1.4
—- ———————————————————————
CHG New contact e-Mail:
FIX Creation of empty files on FTP resources
—- ———————————————————————
20 January 2011 NetDrive 3.1.3
—- ———————————————————————
NEW Support for thread initialization in plugins (used by SMB plugin)
—- ———————————————————————
30 December 2010 NetDrive 3.1.2
—- ———————————————————————
FIX Some filenames are not visible in DOS sessions
FIX Files size was 0 bytes after a copy to some FTP servers
—- ———————————————————————
15 December 2008 NetDrive 3.1.1
—- ———————————————————————
CHG Resource properties dialog is redisplayed after an unsuccessful mount
CHG Improved FTP transfers stability over unreliable links
CHG Performance improvements for FTP resources
FIX UTF8 (codepage 1208) support for FTP resources
FIX Parsing of Unix FTP listings
FIX DosFindFirst failure on a local resource, when EAs are not supported
by the underlaying FS
FIX Access denied when copying a directory to a network resource
FIX Error 87 when mounting SFTP or NFS3 resources
—- ———————————————————————
7 November 2007 NetDrive 3.1.0
—- ———————————————————————
NEW Support for a new plugin interface
FIX Umlaut convertion problem with remote codepage 819 on FTP resource
FIX WPS popup menu is now available on NetDrive resources
FIX Wrong file date when copying file to VFAT plugin resource
FIX ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED was not returned on a not accessible directory
FIX 100% CPU usage and crashes after certain failed OPENCREATE
FIX Unix time to DOS file time convertion helper fix
FIX Use autoscroll style for GUI entry fields
FIX NDFS32.IFS trap when stopping ndctl.exe
FIX Unexpected access denied error when remounting a resource
—- ———————————————————————
10 May 2006 NetDrive 3.0.4 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW ndftpvw.exe can write messages to a file
FIX File upload incomplete to some FTP servers
CHG Do not enable FTP ASCII transfer mode by default
—- ———————————————————————
23 February 2006 NetDrive 3.0.3 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW ndpftp.cfg configuration file that contain a list of file extentions
for which ASCII transfer mode will be used.
NEW Codepage of FTP server file names can be specified for FTP resources
NEW FTP plugin writes FTP messages to a pipe. ndftpvw.exe can be used to
display FTP commands and the server replies.
NEW Implemented Windows NT Alpha FTP server type
FIX Wrong “Unmount …” menu item in the Control Panel
FIX DosSetFileSize fails on FTP resources
FIX WPS fails to copy directories between regular and NDFS drives
—- ———————————————————————
20 May 2005 NetDrive 3.0.2 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW Most dialogs in Control Panel can be resized
FIX FTP plugin returned an error during upload, especially
with storesize > 16384
FIX Unable to upload on some servers (for ex. Hobbes, Netlabs)
—- ———————————————————————
21 February 2005 NetDrive 3.0.1 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW Control Panel adds entry to Window List
NEW ‘Known problems and Troubleshooting’ section in Online help
FIX persistent volume configuration file still locked when Control
Program stopped
FIX Control Panel crash on closing resource properties
FIX XWP sliding menu selection feature did not to work for Control Panel
FIX DosFindFirst return ERROR_NO_MORE_FILES with specific attribute
FIX TZ environment variable incorrectly parsed which leads to wrong
timestamp on FTP servers
FIX Can not mount root directory on OS/2 IBM FTPD
FIX ‘nd refresh .’ traps Control Program
FIX FTP plugin created a file but did not show it in FTP listing
FIX FTP plugin traps if network connection is lost when directory listing
is being read
FIX FTP plugin failed to expand file when writing beyond end of file
FIX File size is zero after upload on AS400 FTP server
FIX NDFS32.IFS failed to load with /Q parameter
—- ———————————————————————
15 January 2005 NetDrive 3.0 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW Updated Control Panel
NEW Updated online help and user’s guide
NEW Virtual volumes configuration automatically saved and restored
NEW Improved performance
NEW Support for files > 2gb
NEW 32 bit file system driver with large file support
NEW Personal registration keys
NEW FTP plugin supports files > 2 gigabytes
NEW FTP plugin parses FTP listing more accurate. Note: this version
does not support legacy ftp servers: MS Windows NT Alpha,
Novell LAN WorkPlace (DOS), PC/TCP.
If you experience problems with a ftp server please contact us.
NEW FTP plugin can limit physical connections to server, which allows
to work when the server limits number of simultaneous connections
from a client
NEW A resource can be made readonly/writable from control panel
(Resource/Properties/Read Only)
FIX control program hangs for awhile
FIX incorrect count of bytes written returned by DosWrite
FIX trap in ndctl on a DosFindFirst with specific attrubute pattern
—- ———————————————————————
20 September 2004 NetDrive 2.2.2 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW Disable shareware limitation for NDPSMB plugin
FIX fixed wrong timestamps for files on a NetWare FTP server
FIX ‘type’ command would fail in some cases on NetDrive resources
FIX NDPM.EXE and ND.EXE reported Shareware Edition for registered version
—- ———————————————————————
1 October 2003 NetDrive 2.2 released
—- ———————————————————————
FIX MOVE would not work in some cases, returning NO_ERROR but
not actually moving anything
FIX ND SAVEMNT and NDPM did not save drive letter Z in NDC files
FIX fixed ProFTPD server incompatibility in the latest ftp plugin
FIX fixed openreplace file open mode in ftp plugin
CHG use passive mode for ftp connections by default
CHG implemented new plugin helpers in ndctl
—- ———————————————————————
17 March 2003 NetDrive 2.2 Beta 2 released
—- ———————————————————————
FIX fixed wrong return code from DosDeleteDir which caused ‘cvs up -dP’
to fail on a NetDrive local resource
NEW Level 2 FTP plugin. FTP password are stored in encrypted form in NDC
files in this version.
FIX ND SAVEMNT command did not replace the target file contents
FIX NDFS drive letters were not detached after a trap in a plugin
FIX Unregistered NetDrive did not allow to write to resources even
during the 1 month evaluation period
FIX NDPM.EXE window could grow on each restart when screen resolution was
greater than 800×600
—- ———————————————————————
22 February 2003 NetDrive 2.2 Beta 1 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW SAVEMNT command in nd.exe utility allows one to save current
NDFS drives structure.
NEW Mount point paths, used in ND commands, can be now relative.
NEW ND MOUNT now checks whether the resource already exists in the
destination mount point. This feature available only for LOCAL
resource and resources supported by level 2 plugins.
FIX Installation program placed NetDrive statements after EOF (0x1a)
character in CONFIG.SYS
NEW DBCS support in NetDrive kernel and level 2 plugins
NEW NetDrive Utility (nd.exe) messages were moved to nd.msg file
NEW Better compatibility with OS/2 IFS return codes
NEW Improved level 2 plugin interface to simplify plugin development
—- ———————————————————————
6 September 2001 NetDrive Release 2.0.1 released
—- ———————————————————————
NEW ndpm allows one to select directories in Browse dialog
(useful for cipher plugin)
FIX ndpm locks PM when mounting is in process
FIX e.exe failed to save a new file on local resource
FIX ‘copy’ failed with sys0255 on local resource
FIX ndinst.exe can’t create install directory under some circumstances
FIX ‘nd refresh .’ trap on ‘case sensitive’ servers
—- ———————————————————————
8 August 2001 NetDrive Release 2.0 released
—- ———————————————————————