NetDrive for OS/2


Virtual filesystem driver for ArcaOS, OS/2 and eComStation. Map local and remote resources to drive letters and/or directories.

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NetDrive for OS/2 is a virtual file system which allows seamless access to various resources. It allows the user to create a virtual drive letter and to mount local or remote resources (volumes) to that drive. The current version of NetDrive for OS/2 supports local, network, and FTP sources and can use external plugins for different types of resources.


  • Ability to map all network resources which otherwise would be mapped to a number of different drive letters (via multiple “net use” commands) to a single drive letter, appearing as regular directories.
  • Ability to mount almost any FTP server/directory as a “regular” directory. Use a preferred file manager to browse content on the FTP server, download files to local disks/directories, upload files, and even rename and edit remote files. (FTP plugin is included.)
  • Ability to stream audio and/or video files directly from a remote server using a preferred player.

Version 3 Enhancements

  • Support for files greater than 2 gigabytes on local and FTP resources as well as a new external plugin interface for large files.
  • Redesigned Control Panel includes convenient user interface, updated online help, and user’s guide.
  • Virtual volumes configuration is automatically saved and restored on system restart.
  • Improved performance overall.


Fully-functional demo (free for unlimited use with the Samba plugin alone), which also serves as an upgrade from any previous 3.x version, may be downloaded here:


System Requirements

  • ArcaOS 5, OS/2 Warp 4 FP13, OS/2 Warp Server for e-business 4.5, eComStation
  • TCP/IP for remote resources

Plugins (available separately)

  • Samba (SMB/CIFS) – Connect to modern NAS, Linux, and Windows shares
  • DropBox – Access DropBox cloud storage
  • ISO – Map CD and DVD image files to drive letters
  • WebDAV – Connect to DAV shares
  • Crypt – Encrypt/decrypt local and remote volumes
  • NFS v3 – Connect to NFS 2 & 3 shares
  • NFS v2 – Connect to NFS 2 shares
  • VFAT – Access local long filename FAT volumes
  • NTFS – Access local NTFS volumes
  • SFTP – Secure (encrypted) FTP access
  • UDF – Read/write access to DVD media (replaces UDF.IFS)
  • LQ – Directory based quota management
  • HPC – HP PhotoSmart C200 data access
  • Psion – Psion PDA data access