NFS v3 Plugin for NetDrive


NetDrive plugin for NFS3 shares. Requires NetDrive.


The NFS v3 plugin for NetDrive mounts an NFS share to the NetDrive file system.

Restrictions of this version of the NFS plugin:

  • UDP transport protocol only
  • NFS version 2 and 3

Limitations of the demo version:

  • Does not support creation of new files if the name of the file is longer than 12 characters (SYS0050 is returned when attempted).

Download the demo version here.


NetDrive for OS/2

NFS plugin

Copyright 2007-2011 Blueprint Software Works


1. Overview
2. Installation
3. Known Limitations and Problems
4. Revision History
5. Support
6. License Agreement
6.1. NFS Plugin License
6.2. Demo Version Note

1. Overview

The NFS plugin connects to NFS version 2 and version 3 servers
using either UDP or TCP. It supports 64 bit file sizes (NFS3).

2. Installation

This plugin requires the NetDrive for OS/2 Control Program
version 3.1.0 or higher. The version can be queried using
the following command:


Alternatively you can select ‘Help->About NetDrive for OS/2’
menu item in NetDrive for OS/2 Control Panel. The Control
Program version is displayed in the lower left part of
the message box in between two horizontal lines.

To install the plugin run instpl.cmd

3. Known limitations and problems

The following issues might limit the plugin use:

* OS/2 extended attributes (EA) are not supported.

4. Revision history

—- ——————————————————–
6 August 2011 Version 3.1.4
—- ——————————————————–
CHG New contact e-Mail: netdrive at bmtmicro dot com
—- ——————————————————–
7 November 2008 Version 3.1.1
—- ——————————————————–
FIX File/directory creation bits did not work in some cases
—- ——————————————————–
7 November 2007 Version 3.1.0
—- ——————————————————–
NEW Initial version.
—- ——————————————————–

5. Support

Support is available for registered customers via email:
netdrive at bmtmicro dot com

Developers site:

6. License agreement

6.1. NFS Plugin License
Use of the NFS plugin (“Software”) is subject to the following
terms and conditions.

Demo version

The demo version of the Software can be used without any
limitations, so long as this does not violate the
NetDrive for OS/2 license.

Full version

You may not distribute the full version. You may copy it onto
a computer to be used and you may make archival copies of it
for the sole purpose of backing up the software and protecting
your investment from loss.

You may threat your full version just like a book. This means
that the full version may be used by any number of people, and
may be freely moved from one computer location to another,
so long as there is NO POSSIBILITY of it being used at one
location or on one computer while it is being used at another.

Just like a book cannot be read by two different people in two
different places at one time, neither can the full version
of the “Software” be used by two different people in two
different places at the same time (unless, of course,
Blueprint Software Works copyright is being violated).


BMT Micro, Inc., Blueprint Software Works do not warrant that
the “Software” will meet your requirements, that operation of
the “Software” will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that all
“Software” errors will be corrected. The aforementioned parties
are not responsible for problems caused by changes in the operating
characteristics of computer hardware or computer operating systems
that are made after the release of the “Software” nor for problems
in the interaction of the “Software” with other software.

The aforementioned parties have no responsibility to replace or
refund the fee of and media or license damaged by accident, abuse
or misapplication.

6.2. Demo version note
The demo version is limited so it does not support creation of new files,
if the name of the file is longer than 12 characters.
The system error SYS0050 is returned when a new file with long name.
Also only one NFS server can be used at a time.

Full featured version of the plugin can be ordered at


(C) COPYRIGHT Blueprint Software Works 2007-2011.