S/390 Backup Facility – Built on ArcaOS


ArcaOS 5.0 for commercial use.

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Have an IBM Multiprise® 3000 mainframe system? Need a bulletproof way to backup and restore – even to bare metal – the OS/2 Warp-based Support Element (SE)? The S/390 Backup Facility is your ticket to peace of mind.

The S/390 Backup Facility is a self-booting CD, providing a special backup and restore environment with access to all of your SSA partitions. Backup to USB-attached storage media is fully supported, including USB flash drives and external hard disks. Restore one file, a set of files, an entire partition, or the whole system with a few mouse clicks.

Based on ArcaOS, this no-installation-required backup/restore solution is a must-have for all data centers with this equipment.

Software Licensing Prerequisites and Restrictions

You must be a legal licensee of the IBM Multiprise® 3000 Support Element on which the S/390 Backup Facility is to be used.

The S/390 Backup Facility is licensed per site, for all IBM Multiprise® 3000 Support Elements in the same physical location.


The S/390 Backup Facility has been tested to boot and perform as described on the standard single board Support Element. The S/390 Backup Facility may not run on all replacement systems, and Arca Noae makes no claim that it does. If you are unsure as to the suitability of your hardware for the S/390 Backup Facility, please review this wiki page or contact us. There is no trial or demonstration version available.

All license sales are final. Once your personalized ISO has been downloaded, you have effectively torn the shrinkwrap off of physical media, and there is no way for us to return that to stock. We are very happy to work with you to resolve any installation or operational issues which you may have, and we continue to improve hardware support for ArcaOS.


  • Supports a wide range of modern hardware, in addition to the original single board Support Element.
  • Boots and runs from CD, requiring local no hard drive space.
  • Very low memory requirement.
  • JFS, HPFS, FAT32, and FAT16 native filesystem support.
  • Unified, graphical interface for all backup and restore operations.
  • Backup logs written to backup media.
  • Partition layouts backed up with every backup operation.
  • Useful utilities included and accessible in the CD boot environment.
  • 12 months (one year) of technical support included. See the Support Info tab, above, for more details.

Note: After your purchase, you will receive an email when your personalized image of ArcaOS is ready. To learn how to access your download after purchase and how to burn the ISO image to DVD or create a bootable USB installation stick, visit this wiki page. A follow-up email will be sent with separate instructions for downloading the S/390 Backup Facility CD ISO.

System Requirements for the S/390 Backup Facility

  • Single Board Computer as supplied with the IBM Multiprise® 3000
  • Optionally, Intel Pentium Pro / AMD K6 or higher CPU; 64 bit CPU’s are supported.
  • 128MB RAM.
  • Traditional BIOS (or fully-capable CSM for UEFI-based systems).
  • Supported card/chipset for network access (see this wiki page for more details).
  • USB 1.x or 2.0 controller and minimum of one available USB port.
  • USB 1.x or 2.0-capable USB or PS/2 port for keyboard and/or mouse.
  • CD drive (internal or USB-attached) for operation; CD or DVD burner required to create CD media.

See this wiki page for more details about ArcaOS.

License agreement

For your convenience, you may download the ArcaOS 5.0 End User License Agreement here. This license applies to the S/390 Backup Facility, as well.


Support Info

The S/390 Backup Facility licensing fee includes twelve (12) months (one full year) of usage and defect support.

To extend support for your S/390 Backup Facility license, contact Arca Noae or your dealer.


The S/390 Backup Facility is available throughout the world, either directly from Arca Noae or through one of our resellers or partners.

However, if you are located in one of the following countries/regions, please contact your local IBM office for information concerning how to license the S/390 Backup Facility:

Abu Dhabi
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Saudi Arabia