OS/2 & eCS Drivers & Software Subscription – personal edition


This product contains all the latest drivers for OS/2 and eComStation developed by Arca Noae; in addition it gives you access to a large repository of software which may be installed using our simple to use GUI.



This product contains all the latest drivers available for OS/2 and eComStation developed by Arca Noae; in addition it gives you access to our growing repository of software which can be installed using our simple to use GUI. This subscription is not intended for ArcaOS systems (see note, below).


The driver downloads section contains the latest version of:

  • ACPI: essential on modern hardware and for multiple processor support
  • USB 1.x and 2.0: supports mice, keyboards, printers and mass storage devices
  • USB Audio
  • USB MOSChip ethernet driver
  • AHCI: native SATA driver
  • DaniS506: IDE driver
  • Multimac: drivers for network cards, wired only (Ethernet); WiFi is currently under development
  • Uniaud: sound driver, based on ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)
  • Panorama: generic graphics driver
  • AMouse: Mouse driver
  • JFS: file system driver
  • FAT32: file system driver

Some drivers may not be immediately available for download. Additional drivers may also be added in the future. Arca Noae reserves the right to add, remove, or change content included in the subscription at any time and for any reason. For more information, see our development roadmap.

YUM Software repository (as available)

By buying this product you also have access to a separate YUM repository of ready-to-install software for the duration of your subscription. Our graphical interface to YUM, Arca Noae Package Manager, allows you to easily install, update, and remove these software packages.


This product is a subscription; it entitles you to the newest versions of drivers and software for a period of 12 months after purchase. After these 12 months you may no longer download the drivers or access our software repository or bug tracker unless you renew your subscription. However, your currently installed software will continue to work. You may also (re)install the drivers and software on your systems after your subscription ends.

The subscription includes Arca Noae-developed drivers and software and may include additional work by third parties which we consider important to all users through our convenient distribution channel. Arca Noae provides support for Arca Noae-developed drivers and software for the duration of the subscription.

Also note that this product is not a license for OS/2 or eComStation; you must have a legal copy of either operating system.

This subscription is not intended for use with ArcaOS. Instead, please subscribe to ArcaOS Support & Maintenance.

Personal edition

The Personal version is intended for private users, students and private developers. The ACPI driver, USB drivers and Panorama graphics driver may only be used on a maximum of 5 systems with the personal edition.


Many people ask about the differences between an OS/2 & eCS Drivers & Software subscription and an ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription. Hopefully, this table will help bring things into focus.

Users of ArcaOS should purchase the ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription; users with other version of OS/2 (such as eComStation, Warp 4 and 4.51/4.52) should purchase the OS/2 & eCS Drivers & Software subscription. Note that ArcaOS Support & Maintenance can only be purchased by licensees of ArcaOS.

FeatureExamplesDrivers & SoftwareSupport & Maintenance
Annual subscription price – personal edition$49$65
Annual subscription price – commercial edition$79$115
Subscription reinstatement fee (in addition to annual subscription price) – personal editionN/A$63
Subscription reinstatement fee (in addition to annual subscription price) – commercial editionN/A$113
Arca Noae OS/2 device driversACPI
USB Audio
Panorama (video)
MultiMac (LAN)
Uniaud (audio)
AMouse (mouse)
JFS (file system)
CUPS (printers)
ArcaOS reserved device drivers and featuresxHCI (USB3)
kernel & loader
XWorkPlace (special)
XCenter widgets
Dynamic icons
Technical support for Arca Noae driversYes!Yes!
Add-on OS/2 Software Features (as available; these are examples)GBM (RPM)
libusbcalls (RPM)
Technical support for Arca Noae softwareYes!Yes!
Access to subscription RPM repo (packages as available; these are examples)PCI ID list file (RPM)
USB ID list file (RPM)
more, as availablesubscription repos contain different content
Included subscription term
with ArcaOS
Nopersonal: 6 months
commercial: 1 year
Annual subscriptionYes!Yes!
Renewal discount (10%)Yes!Yes!
Priority support for commercial subscribersYes!Yes!
ArcaOS base updates & fixesKernel
TCP/IP stack
WPS (desktop)
SNAP (video)
ArcaOS software features updates & fixesRemovable Device Widget
Remote Desktop Connections
Network Adapters & Protocol Services
Dynamic Icons
DVD Tools
Technical support for ArcaOSNoYes!
Access to ArcaOS RPM repovarious fixes and featuresNoYes!
New ArcaOS disc images between releases5.0.1, 5.0.2, etc.NoYes!