Advanced search tool for files using a variety of filters and options. Makes optimal use of CPU and disk on multi-core systems.

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SearchPlus is more than just a search Program!

This new version finds files faster than ever before thanks to simultaneous multiple drive searching and one pass multiple file filters including searching Zip archives. String searches are not only ultra fast due to the use of the Boyer-Moore-Horspool algorithm, but there is minimal load on both the WPS and CPU even when multiple logical operations are specified. Once a file has been found, it can be selected, sorted, manipulated and inspected in a wide range of ways, even while more files are being found.


  • Warpin installation
  • Support for large files (> 2GB)
  • Search inside Zip files
  • Trashcan support
  • Multi core/processor support.
  • Multi-lingual support: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Swedish
  • Memory footprint is < 2 MB


With this latest version it is now possible to use up to 4 groups of logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) when searching for strings both in files and extended attributes. Specific files and or types of files can be ignored as well as optionally ignoring hidden directories and specific paths. Multi-lingual support has been improved with updated text and help files. There is now automatic completion of variable names and field highlighting.

SearchPlus can search up to 4 different drives simultaneously using parallel access and multiple threads. It has extensive filters plus a selectable interface for both the casual and power user.

The last 16 used filenames, search text strings, and EA search text strings are remembered and available at all times.

Filter options:

  • Limit a search to paths specified in environmental variables such as LIBPATH, PATH etc.
  • Limit searching to the current directory or include subdirectories.
  • Select if searching is to be limited to standard files, Zip archives, or both.
  • Simultaneous one pass file filtering allowing various filters to be selected at the same time. As an examples to find all images, a filter such as *.jpg;*.png;*.bmp;*.gif,*.ico can be employed.
  • Source type filtering (Drive Type: USB/ Network/ Fixed/ CD-DVD ROM, Floppies).
  • File Size (from to/up to/less than)
  • File Modification date (within: 1 hr/24 hrs/1 Week/1 Month/between specified dates and times).
  • The File attributes Hidden, Read Only, Archive, System can be selected as Must be present, Must be absent or Don’t Care.
  • Extended Attributes can be selected as Must be present, Must be absent, Don’t Care or a specific EA name.
  • Search within all or a specific EA for a string.
  • Search for a string within a file or within all or a specified extended attribute.
  • Strings may contain up to 4 groups of the logical operators AND, OR, and NOT.

Fully configurable search results display all files which meet the specified search criteria in multiple columns which can be unsorted, sorted in ascending order or sorted in descending order. Files within a Zip archive and read only files are displayed in blue and red respectively. Each file or groups of files can then be selected and manipulated as follows:

  • Open the file using its default association
  • Display the files properties
  • Edited
  • Copied
  • Moved
  • Renamed
  • Deleted, (with trashcan support)
  • Executing a custom command or script
  • Opening containing folder. (icon, details or tree view)
  • Copy the last selected files name and or path to the clipboard.

All of the above functions are available to files within a zip archive!

This makes it possible to modify the contents of a file within an archive directly! All of the above is possible while SearchPlus continues to locate other files having the same search criteria.

System requirements

  • For ArcaOS 5, OS/2 Warp 4, and eComStation


  • If you already have a license for SearchPlus¬† you can download the latest version version from Hobbes.
  • When you have purchased Searchplus, please read the following instructions on how to install your SearchPlus.