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Uniaud Audio Subsystem

The Uniaud subsystem consists of 2 separate drivers, Uniaud16.sys and Uniaud32.sys.


Uniaud32.sys is the actual audio driver that connects to the hardware and makes it work. It consists of a modified ALSA core and some OS/2 specific pieces which make it load and run on an OS/2 system. Different major versions of Uniaud32 are based on different versions of ALSA.


Uniaud16.sys is the interface between MMOS2 and Uniaud32.sys. Uniaud16 does not talk to the audio hardware. It is just an interface translator, buffer manager, and may do some resampling. Uniaud16.sys has its own version number. Do not confuse Uniaud16’s version number with Uniaud32’s version number.

Downloading Binary Distributions

Please read the ReadMe and the Known Problems section of the debugging hints page before installing and using this software.

You can download the latest Uniaud package from your Support & Maintenance subscription for your ArcaOS product, or from your Arca Noae OS/2 & eCS Drivers and Software Subscription, or from the Netlabs Uniaud project.

The latest GA version of Uniaud16 is 1.09.07 and can be used with any version of Uniaud32.

The latest GA version of Uniaud32 is 3.01.03 which is based on Linux 5.14.17.

Uniaud is provided as-is. It has been tested and found to work quite well. Your experience may vary. As always, backup first, in case a new version doesn’t work as well for you.

Older versions

If you find that the latest version doesn’t work quite right for you, some older versions are available here.

Uniaud-20200506.exe which contains Uniaud16 v1.09.07 and Uniaud32 V2.02.06.

Unaiud32-1.09.26.zip first install the latest Uniaud package and then download and unzip this zip file into \MMOS2 on your boot disk allowing it to overwrite existing files.

There may be newer experimental builds on our Experimental Builds page.

A Note About Repeating System Sounds

This is a very old issue that has been resolved in recent releases of ArcaOS. Even though many people think that the Repeating System Sound problem has something to do with Uniaud, this is not true. The repeating system sounds problem has nothing at all to do with Uniaud, but instead is caused by SND.DLL and as such will not be addressed here.

Submitting Tickets

Please read the debugging hints page before opening a ticket.

Uniaud is a Netlabs project and only certain parts of Uniaud are supported by Arca Noae. In most cases, if you open a ticket in the Arca Noae ticket system, you may be referred to the Netlabs Trac ticket system.

In the Arca Noae ticket system you can view existing tickets, add comments to them and create new tickets using the corresponding buttons at the top of every page. If you want to submit a new bug or request a feature, please use the Search function first to make sure there is no ticket for the same problem already created.

When you create a new ticket, please remember these points:

  • Only submit one problem per ticket. If you have experienced more than one problem, open more than one ticket.
  • Always attach the log from the TestLog program. You can get the current TestLog program here: Get TestLog Please do not try to create your own logs, use testlog uniaud . Also attach the log to the ticket as an attachment, do not copy it into the text of the ticket, and do not zip it.
  • Only report problems with supported driver version. Older versions, beta, or as-is versions are not supported.

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