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OS2AHCI is an AHCI driver for OS/2. It supports both ATA and ATAPI devices in a single driver, thus there’s no need for an ATAPI/CDROM filter driver.


Please read the ReadMe before installing and using this software.

These official binary releases are thoroughly tested on many different systems and various size disks up to and including 2TB disks. Disks larger than 2TB are not supported.

Support and Submitting Tickets

Please read the Troubleshooting page before submitting a ticket.

Reporting bugs and requesting new features is done through the ticket system. You can view existing tickets, add comments to them and create new tickets using the corresponding buttons at the top of every page. If you want to submit a new bug or request a feature, please use the Search function first to make sure there is no ticket for the same problem already created.

Please follow these guidelines when using the ticket system:

  • Only one problem, one system, and one configuration per ticket.
  • Do not change the configuration from what is reported in the ticket. Stick with the configuration you reported until it is resolved. If you have a problem with a different configuration, open a different ticket. This means do not add or remove disk drives from the system, do not change any BIOS settings, do not change drivers, etc.
  • Do not post DFSee outputs or results unless requested by the developer and done exactly as specified by the developer. DFSee results are useless unless done exactly the way the developer specifies.
  • Make sure you attach a testlog log file to your ticket when you open it.

Be aware that only official binaries are supported.

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