DFSee registration key installation

Once your receive your DFSee registration key it must be placed in the same directory as the DFSee executable, or in a directory that is in the system PATH while using the DFSee program. Save the file from your email client or download it from your account. You are advised to store it in a safe place for backup.

In any case: copy or rename the registration file to DFSEE.KEY

First-time user

If you are a first-time user of DFSee, make sure you run the DFSDISK procedure (a .BAT or .CMD script) once to make a backup of your current partition information. This function is available from the DFSee menu as:

Scripts -> Analyse disks for support

Note for upgrades from previous versions

If you bought an upgrade from a previous version, your key will contain “#U”. This upgrade key will be valid for 100 days and works just like any other DFSee registration key, there are NO restrictions. You will automatically receive a new, permanent key before it expires, usually within a few days from ordering. Only if you do not receive that within 2 months from purchase, you need to contact FSYS Software, preferred email address: reg@dfsee.com

Terms and conditions

Each registration gives you the right to use any 14.x or older version of the DFSee program and receive support for it using the supplied email address.

This is a personal or professional registration based on that email address or the supplied name and address information (if any).

Personal registration: use on your own system(s) only.
Professional registration: use on any system by registred person only.

For a more detailed licence agreement see the textfiles enclosed in the DFSee distribution ZIP file or browse them at http://www.dfsee.com/dfsee/buynow.

If you need to change the information for support, send an email to reg@dfsee.com.

Specify exactly what you need to have changed and make sure to include your registred email address (tip: attach your current dfsee.key).

Getting support on DFSee usage

When you need support or assistance (on a best effort basis) or have any other issue regarding the DFSee program, send an email to support@dfsee.com. Attach your registration file or specify the registration info to allow verification of your support entitlement.

For all problems related to partitioning run the DFSDISK script that comes with DFSee (.BAT or .CMD) and attach the resulting DFSDISK*.* files on your mail (6 files for every disk, ZIP them if possible).

Even easier, this function is available from the DFSee menu as well:

Scripts -> Analyse disks for support

For filesystem problems, you can also run the DFSCHECK procedure and send the resulting files from that too (3 files per partition) (requires the EXPERT mode in DFSee version 12 and up)

When applicable, include as much details about the problem as possible to allow a faster (and better) response.