What installation media do I need to install ArcaOS? Will it install from diskettes?

As delivered from our server, ArcaOS will install from a single DVD, the mounted ISO file itself (for a virtual machine), from a local (FAT) disk partition, or from a USB stick (flash drive). (See this wiki page for more detailed information.) There is no facility provided with ArcaOS or available from Arca Noae to produce floppy diskette images of the DVD content suitable for installation, or to split the DVD content down into pieces suitable for installation from CD-ROM.

While support for connecting floppy disk drives is still included with ArcaOS as part of the IBM OS/2 Warp 4 component, no effort has been expended to make ArcaOS installable from such media.

Keep in mind that while IBM’s OS/2 offerings were installable from floppy disk, that was quite some time ago, for a product much smaller in overall size than ArcaOS.

If you have a need for special installation media, we suggest you contact one of our partners to see about a solution.

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