Does ArcaOS 5.0 (Blue Lion) include Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp?


We do not have a license from IBM (who purchased Lotus Development Corporation) to resell or to otherwise incorporate Lotus SmartSuite in ArcaOS. In fact, IBM has discontinued support for SmartSuite on all platforms as of 2014. One of the primary goals of ArcaOS is to provide a supported solution for OS/2-based systems. Without developer support and without access to the code, we could not hope to achieve this goal.

SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp also lacks modern document import/export filters, such as those for recent (post-2000 or 2002) MS Office documents.

Our current recommendation is to consider Apache OpenOffice for OS/2, available through our technology partner, bww bitwiseworks, GmbH, which is easily installed in ArcaOS. Apache OpenOffice for OS/2 is current, supported, and capable of handling a wide array of modern document formats for importing and exporting, as well as direct creation of Adobe PDFs.

Of course, if you already have a license for Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2, there is no logistical reason why you could not simply install that under ArcaOS. You should check that your licensing for SmartSuite allows for such installation and use, however. In fact, all of your OS/2 and eComStation applications which run under Warp 4 and above should run just fine under ArcaOS (Blue Lion).

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