PMMaps installation and registration


You can download your copy of PMMaps from However, you may need to install additional files first to be able to run PMMaps/2. Specifically:

  • eCo Software runtimes (Base, Win and Net)
  • The WarpIN package manager, if your OS/2 system does not recognize files with the WPI file extension.
  • During installation of the PMMaps/2 Warpin package, disable the “Big Icon for PNG Desktop”  option!


You need to copy the file pmmaps.key you received by email to your \MPTN\ETC\KEYS directory. On most OS/2 systems the ETC directory can be found in the MPTN\ETC directory. In some cases you may need to create the KEYS directory in the \MPTN\ETC\ manually.

If you are not certain where your ETC directory is located, open an OS/2 command line and type the command: