Strong Community Ties

Arca NoaeHow does Arca Noae manage to leverage the good will of the strong OS/2 community across the globe, how do these relationships strengthen us as a Company, and how does this synergy benefit our customers and clients?

Arca Noae was founded on the belief that OS/2 still has many of its best years ahead. Arca Noae principals use the platform every day for work and for recreation, and while we have exposure to and knowledge of other operating systems, we prefer working with OS/2. So is the case with the tight-knit group of volunteers and power users around the world, many of whom contribute to Arca Noae’s development and support efforts, as coders, translators, testers, consultants, and resellers.

In short, we treat our fan base like family, and they return the favor to us. Our principals regularly appear live (and virtually) at OS/2-focused events, engaging with users and other developers, lending helping hands wherever and whenever they can…because that’s what we love to do. OS/2 is our avocation as much as an occupation.

This wealth of experience is a reference offered to Arca Noae, and by extension, to our customers and clients through us, given in the spirit that sharing knowledge of the platform benefits all users, and such perspectives should be given freely, with an open hand. Due to OS/2 maturity, few others have the experience with any operating system that our community has with our preferred platform.