Arca Noae licenses source code for SNAP Graphics for OS/2

For immediate release:

Leesburg, Virginia, USA

Arca Noae, LLC, a Delaware-based Limited Liability Company, is excited to announce that they have reached an agreement with Alt Richmond, Inc. to license the source code for SNAP Graphics for OS/2.

Coupled with the amazing talent associated with the Company, this puts Arca Noae in a unique position to bring SNAP to the next level of capability to support modern chipsets with full graphics hardware acceleration.

“We have a team in place and ready to begin work,” said Lewis Rosenthal, Managing Member of Arca Noae. “There is a hot list of items needing attention – fixes – and a growing list of chipsets to add to SNAP’s repertoire.”

It is Arca Noae’s intention to release an updated version of SNAP Graphics for OS/2 in the near future.

End of press release.

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