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This page provides tips for enhanced functionality for WarpIN packages provided by ANPM. For tips which are specific to WarpIN itself, please refer to the WarpIN wiki at Netlabs.

Advising ANPM of RPM-packaged prerequisites

It is possible to trigger ANPM’s dependency handling from a WarpIN script (WIS) by including an HTML-style comment in the <HEAD> section of the file, followed by the command “RPM requires:”, a whitespace, and listing the base package names required by the WPI separated by whitespaces.


    <!-- RPM requires: libc libgcc1 pthread openssl ffmpeg -->
    <PCK INDEX=1

In the above example, we have indicated that libc, libgcc1, pthread, openssl, and ffmpeg packages are required by the software being installed from the WPI. If any of those packages are not present, or are in need of updating, upon confirming the WPI installation, ANPM will first install or update those packages (and any of their prerequisites) before launching WarpIN to complete the package installation.

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