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ArcaOS includes a robust Samba networking component to allow connection to (and by) other systems across the LAN or across the internet. Samba under ArcaOS is divided into two separate pieces:

  • Client – to connect to other systems from the local ArcaOS installation
  • Server – to allow other systems to access local resources on the ArcaOS installation

ArcaMapper is the graphical utility provided with ArcaOS to manage the Samba client.

This page will be enhanced to provide more information regarding the use of ArcaMapper and how to work around various problems commonly encountered, as well as unexpected configurations. In the interim, the online help included with ArcaMapper 2.6 (as delivered with ArcaOS 5.0.5) has been greatly expanded from previous revisions to include a wealth of information concerning Samba concepts, dialects, and authentication protocols.

Known issues

Incorrect parameter error 87

Under certain conditions, ArcaMapper may report an incorrect parameter error (which is an OS/2 system error 87) when attempting to mount a share. This is usually due to passing malformed options to NetDrive to perform the actual mount.


Before attempting to mount the share, go to page 2 of the New Resource tab, entitled Advanced Mount Options. Ensure that these are set as desired, and click Apply (even if no changes have been made). Return to page 1 and complete the dialog. Click Mount.

This condition may be avoided in the future by saving the profile (File | Save) and loading that instead of manually creating the mount each time.

Credentials are not well obfuscated when a profile is saved

The username for a given mount is stored in clear text and the password is encoded, but not hashed, making it very easy to decipher.


Do not save profiles.

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