USB driver package version 11.10 released

Arca Noae is pleased to announce the immediate availability of release 11.10 of our updated USB stack. This release builds on the work that was done in version 11.09 and contains considerable changes to all the HC drivers and to USBD.

Highlights of some of the more significant changes in this release:

  • USBCALLS: Reworked the way the DLL is built. Fixed a transfer size problem.
  • USBD: Significant changes to the way devices are initialized and how some errors are detected and handled.
  • USBEHCD, USBOHCD, USBUHCD: Significant changes in how some transfers are queued, and how errors are detected and reported. Fixed a problem for Warp4 systems.
  • USBOHCD: Fixed a problem that caused transfers to be lost.
  • USBCOM: Fixed a trap that could occur when certain devices are connected. Fixed an issue that could cause random traps in class drivers.

There are many other less significant fixes and improvements which improve the overall reliability and stability of the entire USB stack.

The Warpin package has been restructured to work on both OS/2 and eCS systems. Installing an older version after installing this version may cause problems. See the ReadMe.txt file.

This driver package is available for download from the Arca Noae website as part of your Arca Noae OS/2 & eCS drivers and software package subscription. Please log into your account in order to access your software.

If you haven’t yet purchased a software subscription, this is a great reason to do so now.

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