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Copy the ArcaOS on-disc RPM repository to a shared location

In some cases, it may be handy to have access to the on-disc repo without having to physically mount the ArcaOS installation media. This may be accomplished by copying the entire content of the \CID\SERVER\RPM\LOCALREP directory tree (including the repodata subdirectory) to a shared location, such as network attached storage or a file server.

To do this:

  1. Create a directory on the shared storage device for the repository, say, “ARCAREPO” and ensure that all users who need access have the proper privileges.
  2. Mount the ArcaOS installation media and copy the entire \CID\SERVER\RPM\LOCALREP directory tree (including the repodata subdirectory) to the new shared directory.
  3. Launch Arca Noae Package Manager, and open the Repository Manager.
  4. Create a new repository with a URI in the form of:

    (Note that instead of using a drive letter, it may be necessary to define a kLIBC path remapping to the location; use the mapping definition for the on-disc repo as a guide.)
    This repository will have no authentication required beyond whatever normal network logon procedures are in use, so leave the Secure repository option unchecked.

  5. Save the repository configuration.
  6. Repeat this process for the other stations or copy the .repo file from %UNIXROOT%\etc\yum\repos.d to the same location on the other stations, editing as required (e.g., adjust drive letter/mapped directory name, etc.).

Perform cleanup operations on only specified repositories

Sometimes, it is useful to only clean repository metadata cache, SQLite cache, and/or downloaded package cache for one or more specific repositories. To do this, temporarily disable the repositories which are not to be touched, leaving the ones to be cleaned enabled. Perform the cleanup operation, and re-enable the other repositories.


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