Installing GenMac

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If GenMac was not installed with ArcaOS due to the lack of a supported device being detected, but it is desired to install it later and perhaps add an unlisted GenMac driver, it may be installed separately.

ArcaOS ships with a custom GenMac package. To install this, mount the ArcaOS installation medium and browse to \CID\SERVER\ARCAPKG directory from the Drives object. Double-click the GENMARCA.WPI package to begin the installation process.

The WarpIN installer will likely advise that no supported cards have been detected in the system, and that only the GenMac base driver and/or its online help may be installed. Click Next to continue.

ArcaOS normally installs GenMac to \IBMCOM\GENMAC on the drive designated as the one for networking components (usually the boot volume). It is recommended to set this location as the install path for the GenMac Online Help package (the base driver will be installed in the same root location). Click Next to continue, and confirm the creation of the new \IBMCOM\GENMAC directory.

Allow the installer to create the GenMac WPS objects and to update CONFIG.SYS. Click Install to begin the process.

Once the installation is complete, it is not necessary to reboot until the GenMac driver has been selected (or installed and selected) and a protocol has been bound to it in Network Adapters and Protocols.

If installing a new GenMac driver from a WarpIN package, follow the directions for the package and then open Network Adapters and Protocols from the System Setup | Network folder to add the newly installed GenMac driver to the system configuration and to bind a protocol to it. See this wiki page for more and refer to the online help in Network Adapters and Protocols.

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