Adding more XWorkplace functionality to ArcaOS Desktop

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ArcaOS Desktop is a slimmed down version of XWorkplace for OS/2. Long time XWorkplace (XWP) users may find some familiar features “missing” from ArcaOS Desktop. In general, these features were removed for the sake of usability, however, we understand that some may want to have them available. This page outlines how to get work-alike features for some things and also how to install the full XWorkplace package on ArcaOS.

Pack this tree

This functionality is provided by Archive Tool. Start Archive Tool, and from the menu, go to File | Setup… On the Associations page, check the option “Add to folder context menu”.

Installing the full XWorkplace package on ArcaOS

This is a relatively simple procedure. ArcaOS Desktop fully supports installing XWorkplace on top of it. Simply download the latest XWP from Netlabs or Hobbes and run the WarpIN installer. You will note, however, that certain ArcaOS Desktop objects will be replaced with their generic XWP counterparts (Trash Can, X Button on XCenter, etc.). These changes are merely cosmetic.

It is important to note, however, that in order to utilize the Arca Noae Removable Media Monitor XCenter widget, ArcaOS Desktop must have already been installed on the system. This widget is an ArcaOS reserved feature, and not distributed with XWP. If the widget is present on the system, XWP will continue to use it.


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