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Mouse and Pointing Device Issues

Recommended Mouse Driver for ThinkPads

Although AMouse (Advanced Mouse Driver) is the recommended mouse driver for all systems, some people don’t like the way it operates the built in TouchPoint device on Thinkpads. If you are one of these people then you can use the old IBM Single Mouse driver (MOUSE.SYS) instead. The old IBM Single Mouse driver also has specific configuration pages for TrackPoint and TrackPad devices. There are no issues with AMouse and the TrackPad device on Thinkpads, only the built-in TouchPoint device.

To switch to the old IBM Single Mouse driver (MOUSE.SYS) if you already have AMouse installed, simply uninstall AMouse using the uninstall instructions on the AMouse wiki page. The old IBM Single Mouse driver (MOUSE.SYS) itself is already present on the system.

Storage Adapter Issues

SCSI Adapter Drivers require BOOTDLY.SYS

When adding a SCSI adapter driver after installation, Arca Noae recommends adding the following line to CONFIG.SYS:



The purpose of the BOOTDLY.SYS base device driver is to provide enough time for certain other base device drivers to properly initialize, namely SCSI adapters.

Symptoms of needing BOOTDLY.SYS are apparent loading of the SCSI adapter driver but no attached SCSI devices are visible (reported present) on the BUS.

BOOTDLY.SYS is installed with ArcaOS, and it should only be necessary to add the above line to CONFIG.SYS, save the file, and reboot.

Package Management Issues

How to (Re)Install a Package from the ArcaOS On-Disc Repository

Certain RPM packages are installed from the on-disc repository located on the ArcaOS installation medium. Upon successful operating system installation, this (temporary) repository is disabled, though remains present in the Arca Noae Package Manager list of configured repositories.

Sometimes, it may be advisable to install (or reinstall) a package which is located in the on-disc repository. To do this, it is first necessary to enable the repository as follows:

  1. Insert the ArcaOS installation disc in the system’s DVD drive.
  2. Start Arca Noae Package Manager from its object or the shadow located in the System Setup folder.
  3. From the YUM menu, select Repositories… to open the Manage YUM Repositories window.
  4. Select the arca_inst repository, right-click, and from its context menu, select Enable.
  5. Close the Manage YUM Repositories window using its window control.

The package list will refresh. Packages which were delivered with ArcaOS are now available for installation.

It is advisable to disable the on-disc repository when done, or you will be required to insert the ArcaOS installation medium every time Arca Noae Package Manager starts (which may be inconvenient).