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This page lists a few systems that have been tested and the results of those tests. This may help you in selecting compatible hardware for ArcaOS. This list is an evolving work in progress and is not a comprehensive list. This list is for reference only. Your results may vary.

Key (unless otherwise specified in the comments):

  • Good – All standard features work (CPU, Disk, Video, LAN, USB)
  • OK – Has problems but can be made to work. Some standard features may have problems or not work.
  • Poor – Does not work well. Not recommended.


Date Hardware Result Comments
2017-07-19 Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 Motherboard Good Board is somewhat flaky. Works well only if all overclock settings are disabled in the BIOS. Sound does not work with Uniaud.
2017-07-07 ECS Essentials KAM1-I Motherboard Good Works well. Requires PSD 3.23.06 or higher, MMRE v1.0.0 or higher, and Uniaud 2.02.04 or higher.
2017-07-09 Compaq CQ58 Laptop OK BIOS fails to configure PCI bridge for NIC properly. Can be worked around with pcicfgwr.
2017 Lenovo T500 ThinkPad Good Works well including WiFi, Sound.
2017 Lenovo T60 ThinkPad Good Works well including WiFi, Sound.
2018 Foxconn H61AP Good Works well including Sound. Has AHCI disk, EHCI USB, Realtek NIC, COM, LPT, Intel video. Uniaud32 v3.x.x requires RUN=\MMOS2\unimix.exe -id18 -val0 to enable sound.
2019 Lenovo S30 OK The ACPI from Lenovo has serious problems. Requires ACPI driver v3.23.11 or higher to workaround those problems. System still has minor issues even with the workarounds.
2019 RTD CME 136686LX Good Requires ArcaOS 5.0.4 or higher. Hardware has no MTRRs so video performance is a little slow. A BIOS defect hangs the system during USB handoff if a USB keyboard or USB mouse is plugged in during boot.
2019 ASUS B350M-A with Ryzen CPU Good Works well. AHCI Disk, Panorama Video, XHCI USB, Sound, Realtek Network all work great.
2019 Lenovo X250 ThinkPad Poor Models with discrete video may not provide access to all installed memory, requiring workarounds to increase usable RAM.
2020 Lenovo Thinkcenter M93p Good Everything works well. AHCI Disk, Panorama video, EHCI and XHCI USB, Intel network, Sound (Use /A:1).
2020 HP Prodesk 600 G3 mini Good Everything works well. AHCI Disk, Panorama video, XHCI USB, Intel network. Deselect audio adapter when installing. Then remapping the audio adapter after installation makes audio work.
2021-10-15 Thinkpad Yoga 11e 5th gen OK Preliminary results, may be updated. System has issues. ACPI appears to be broken, missing or malfunctioning hardware, etc. ArcaOS 5.1 is required. Requires PSD switches /NOACPI and /MAXCPU=1. Use the standard mouse driver (MOUSE.SYS) instead of the enhanced mouse driver (AMOUSE.SYS). Everything works. NVME storage, Panorama video, XHCI USB, Realtek network, Intel audio.
2022-04-13 Toshiba Sattellite Pro C870-19J Poor Numerous hardware issues. Not recommended. Doesn’t work.
2022-08-30 Lenovo Legion 5 and Legion 5 Pro OK ArcaOS 5.1 required. Working: NVME storage, Panorama video, XHCI USB, Realtek 10EC:8168 network. Not working: Nvidia 10DE:228E audio, Realtek 10EC:8852 wireless, trackpad. Beware of SK Hynix SSD devices.Some shipped in this laptop don’t work.

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