Subscription Entitlement Comparison Table

Many people ask about the differences between an OS/2 & eCS Drivers & Software subscription and an ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription. Hopefully, this table will help bring things into focus.

Users of ArcaOS should purchase the ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription; users with other version of OS/2 (such as eComStation, Warp 4 and 4.51/4.52) should purchase the OS/2 & eCS Drivers & Software subscription. Note that ArcaOS Support & Maintenance can only be purchased by licensees of ArcaOS.

Feature Examples Drivers & Software Support & Maintenance
Annual subscription price – personal edition $49 $65
Annual subscription price – commercial edition $79 $115
Arca Noae OS/2 device drivers ACPI
Panorama (video)
MultiMac (LAN)
Uniaud (audio)
AMouse (mouse)
JFS (file system)
CUPS (printers)
Yes! Yes!
Technical support for Arca Noae drivers Yes! Yes!
Add-on OS/2 Software Features PCI ID list file (RPM)
Firefox (RPM)
SeaMonkey (RPM)
Thunderbird (RPM)
Yes! Yes!
Technical support for Arca Noae software Yes! Yes!
Access to subscription RPM repo PCI ID list file (RPM)
Firefox (RPM)
SeaMonkey (RPM)
Thunderbird (RPM)
Yes! Yes!
Included subscription term
with ArcaOS
No personal: 6 months
commercial: 1 year
Annual subscription Yes! Yes!
Renewal discount (10%) Yes! Yes!
Priority support for commercial subscribers Yes! Yes!
ArcaOS base updates & fixes Kernel
TCP/IP stack
WPS (desktop)
SNAP (video)
No Yes!
ArcaOS software features updates & fixes Removable Device Widget
Remote Desktop Connections
Network Adapters & Protocol Services
Dynamic Icons
DVD Tools
No Yes!
Technical support for ArcaOS No Yes!
Access to ArcaOS RPM repo various fixes and features No Yes!
New ArcaOS disc images between releases 5.0.1, 5.0.2, etc. No Yes!

Page last modified: 2017-11-18