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New product: EAMaster Extended Attribute manager and editor

Keith Merrington has released a new graphical tool for managing all sorts of EAs on files, from Single Value EAs to Multi-Value EAs, with a variety of content. EAMaster allows you to back up, restore, copy, edit, delete, examine, join, rename EAs, and so much more.

Up to 16 EAs per Multi-Value EA are permitted, each with up to 8 sub-levels per Multi-Value EA, and these windows may all be displayed simultaneously.

Need to find an EA? EAMaster includes a powerful search tool built in. Search for an EA name, EA type, the contents of an EA, or combinations, from one directory to an entire volume at a time.

Extensive online help is available, as well, so even the EA novice should be able to make use of the program right away.

At last a graphical management tool for EAs!

Find EAMaster in the Arca Noae store, in the File & Disk Utilities category.