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Current happenings

While our blog posts have been infrequent, our developers, beta testing, and translation teams have been quite busy the past few weeks. Here are some highlights of what’s been going on behind the scenes at Area Noae:

  • USB: Work is continuing on various USB problems, including the “hub-attached devices” issue.
  • Graphical update utility (YUMIE): We have been through several more test versions in the past few weeks, and with the help from our friends working on YUM and Python (more on this, below), we are getting closer to a release date, with much of our planned functionality for version 1.0 in place.
  • Graphical update utility (YUMIE): National Language Support is planned for English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Finnish, Korean, and Japanese, and translators for these languages are engaged and working. We are also hopeful for more languages, such as Russian, Chinese, and Swedish, and continue to seek willing translators.
  • Outside projects: Arca Noae continues to support the efforts of our strategic partner, bww bitwise works, GmbH, and their excellent work on Firefox and OpenOffice, as well as the ever-growing list of ported applications and tools available from the Netlabs repositories. Our work has intersected theirs regarding the YUMIE project (see above), and they have been extremely responsive to our reports and update requests, enabling us to move forward without delay.
  • Arca Noae web services: Thanks to the tireless efforts of Paul Smedley and Steven Levine, our web platform grows more stable and robust. We have implemented a number of recent updates to the Apache web server software, including current OpenSSL technology to safeguard our subscribers’ data while communicating with us over the web.
  • Arca Noae in the news: Look for an upcoming announcement about some new strategies for the Company, and an association with a familiar name.

If you haven’t purchased a subscription for the Arca Noae drivers and software package, now is the time.

New store items: bww bitwise works GmbH sponsoring and InJoy Firewall

Arca Noae is pleased to announce the immediate availability of InJoy Firewall, the premier firewall and VPN solution for OS/2, eComStation, Windows, and Linux in our online store. All three licensing options (Personal, Professional, and Enterprise) are available, in all user counts.

In addition, sponsoring bww bitwise works GmbH has never been easier. bww bitwise works is responsible for the ongoing work on the Firefox port for OS/2, Qt, Java, and so many more bits and pieces which make it possible for others to build great software for the platform. 100% of the net proceeds of your sponsoring go to funding this important work.

bww bitwise works GmbH is an Arca Noae strategic partner.

Searching for something? – Try our OpenSearch plugin

As we continue to add content and products to the Arca Noae site and online store, we thought it might be handy to have a way to search that content from Firefox or SeaMonkey (or any other browser which is OpenSearch-compatible).

To add it to your browser, simply follow this link to the Mycroft Project, click the Arca Noae link, and allow the search provider to be added to your browser.

[solved] Trouble registering for an account?

This is just a quick note to confirm that several hours ago we did indeed fix the issue causing the blank page on user registration.

If you continue to experience difficulties with your account, please do not hesitate to use our contact form or email us directly at webmeister [at] arcanoae [dot] com.

We apologize for any inconvenience which this may have caused.

Thanks again for visiting Arca Noae!

Trouble registering for an account?

We are aware of an issue on the site when registering for an account. Upon clicking the Register button on the My Account page, the user is greeted with a blank page. Rest assured, your account has been created, but a minor internal error has occurred, preventing the acknowledgment from displaying.

Simply click the Back button in your browser, and if prompted to re-send your previous post, click Yes or OK. The My Account page should redisplay, with a message that the account already exists. That indicates that the account has been created successfully (attempting to create an account which really does exist will immediately return the error and not a blank page).

If you continue to experience difficulties, please do not hesitate to use our contact form or email us directly at webmeister [at] arcanoae [dot] com.

We apologize for any inconvenience which this may cause, and are working to correct the problem.

Thanks again for visiting Arca Noae!

Online Store Opening Pains

We never knew how much work it would be to get an online store like this operational! From custom components for the site to back-end scripts to entering descriptions and uploading content, everyone at Arca Noae has been working very hard to get things working. We have some things available now, with more coming in the days and weeks ahead.

If you experience problems, please be patient with us, we are working as hard as we can. Also if you see some things missing, again, please be patient. We are adding items as quickly as we possibly can.